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Running a business is huge -

do you really have time for more?

Let us help.


We consult small businesses & entrepreneurs of all types, from career strategy & goal planning, business growth, image & social media to marketing tricks & tips. We are your sounding board for your big business ideas! Consultations can be one on one with the person of your choice, or we can do team consultations - we can suggest the best option! 

  • Because of COVID19, we have chosen to conduct all our consulting sessions video conferencing

  • Book consulting in 1hr increments at $100/hr and add as you go

  • Monthly retainers are also available at a discounted rate for those who wish to consult with us more frequently. Retainers start at $350/mo - 4 hrs. 


We want you to grow - not become stagnant. That's where our strategy & goal planning services come into play. After helping you determine your short-term, long-term, and big picture goals, we help you organize them in a realistic and attainable plan that speaks to your ideal clients' values and aesthetics. The steps along the way involve careful planning - you can't get from point A to point B without strategy and motivation. We can create an individualized goal planner, or we can help lead you through your journey as opportunities arise and changes happen.

Long-term strategy can be similar to a Virtual Assistant.


A Virtual Assistant is for any entrepreneur or business looking to grow through social media, marketing strategy, customer interaction & retention, & content creation. Do you need to send out stunning weekly email blasts to your followers, keep on top of your social media & customer outreach? Are you failing to keep track of your data or falling behind on marketing? Do you lack the patience to create content regularly? If so, that's where our VA work can help you. 

Most virtual Assistants take care of the work you don't have time for, but we take it one step further and apply our expertise to every task, touch-point, and visual interaction. You're not hiring someone with free time - you are hiring a marketing expert, graphic design pro, and strategy guru.

Our rates might be higher than other VAs - but you know what you're paying for.

  • Virtual Assistant work is done remotely 

  • VA services start at $75/hr and can be utilized as little or as much as clients would like

  • Monthly retainers are also available at a discounted rate depending on scope & commitment.


You have a great product or service. Great! Now what? 

We take a holistic approach to branding because we also know that your visual brand is more than a look - it's your identity. We pinpoint what makes what you do so special & unique, create a stunning visual concept, and give you the power to not only appeal to your ideal customer but make you stand out from the noise.

Our process goes a little something like this: 

After reviewing your onboarding questionnaire, we start with an hour-long strategy session; we take all our notes and loads of information to the drawing board. We create your new identity, deliver you a fresh & excitingly unique brand, and then teach you how to use it!


SIgnature Brand & Identity Guide 

Evaluation & Brand Redesign 

+ Holistic Brand & Web Identity


A dynamic online presence is undoubtedly the most vital tool to connect with new customers and clients. We develop fully branded* websites, e-commerce sites, micro-sites, and social accounts with your growth in mind. Our work is custom and molded to fit your needs based on information we glean through our detailed questionnaire & together in our 1 hr development meeting. After establishing your needs, we begin creating. We strive to harness your uniqueness, and therefore no web design project is the same. 


Fully Branded Comprehensive Website 

E-Commerce Site

Micro Site

Social Media Skins

*All packages are developed using your current brand identity

- if you desire a rebrand or brand creation as well, we can do that! Check out BRANDING!


Puzzling out how to reach your audience is no longer your problem! Many developed brands have absolutely stunning products & visuals but have zero ideas of getting the word out to new customers or their existing customer base. With ever-changing social media tactics, new and confusing platforms, and understanding the difference between all of them, self-marketing and promoting can be challenging, especially if you are already pouring everything you have into your business. We offer many different marketing approaches because every company's need is different, and not all social platforms reach the same demographics.

Here's how we help:

  • identify your target demographic & audience and where to reach them

  • outreach plans

  • content creation

  • email marketing

  • SEO auditing & development

  • ad creation

  • printable marketing materials

  • custom packaging design

  • merch design

  • banner & flyer design



Marketing materials, websites, and social platforms offer so many opportunities to visually showcase yourself, staff, products, or business. The difference between amateur & professional images can make or break a sale. Your products may be beautiful, your business may be the coziest, and your smile may be the most infectious in real life, but how would anyone know unless it's captured just right? 

We specialize in:

  • product photography for advertising, magazines, social media posts & E-commerce 

  • atmospheric photography of your storefront, office, studio, or business

  • headshots for individuals or full teams & staff

  • fashion photography - great for boutiques, merch sales, & E-commerce

  • photography specifically tailored to your website needs, i.e., background images, flat-lays, themed shots

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