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Navigating the music industry is daunting and can seem nearly impossible. We believe music careers are still possible and strive to reduce the confusion and burnout most musicians face when trying to manage daily tasks alone or without a good strategy. 

We start every relationship with discovery & and one on one discussion about what is working and what isn't.
What are your long-term & short-term goals, and how do you plan on getting there?  

  • Strategy & Goal Planning

  • Management

  • Branding & Image work

  • Websites & EPKs

  • Press & Album Photography

  • Merch & Promo materials

  • Content Creation & Social Media

  • Artist Development



You're an artist -  it's your job to create
not wear yourself out. 

Let us help!

"Stickerbook Collective have, and continue to be an invaluable asset to my music career. Their guidance keeps me on track and gotten me countless opportunities throughout the years. Absolutely ADORE THEM and looking forward to working together in the future!"

- @natanyaelmusic

Natan Yeal_edited.jpg
Stickerbook Collective Album Artwork & Layout

Custom Artwork & Layout Design

Stickerbook Collective Artist Photography

Studio Photography

Stickerbook Collective Album Design

Custom Artwork, Art Direction, Layout, Photography, Management, Marketing

Stickerbook Collective Merch Design

Merch Design, Commercial Photography

Stickerbook Collective LP Layout

Design & Editing

Stickerbook Collective Artist Photography

Studio Photography, Album Design, Strategy

Stickerbook Collective Web Design Micro Site

EPK, Photo Editing, Design, Layout, Strategy

Stickerbook Collective Artist Photography

Studio Photography, Promo Materials, Strategy

Stickerbook Collective Album Design

Album Design, Graphic Design

Stickerbook Collective Artist Photography

Artist Photography - Promo Shots

Stickerbook Collective Web Design EPK

Design, Website, EPK

Stickerbook Collective Artist Musician Headshot

Photography, Image, Bramnding

Stickerbook Collective Photography Album Design

Photography, Editing, Layout, Graphic Design

Stickerbook Collective Website Design

Photography, Editing, Design, Web Design, Management

Stickerbook Collective EP Design

Design, Layout, Photography, Editing

Stickerbook Collective Content Creation Photography

Content Creation, Photography

Stickerbook Collective Live Performance Photography

Live Performance Photography

Stickerbook Collective One Sheet

One Sheet

Stickerbook Collective Artist Poster

Custom Artwork, Design

Stickerbook Collective Web Design

Web Design

Stickerbook Collective Web Design Microsite

Design, Webdesign, Artist Development

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