Stickerbook is a women-owned creative services company specializing in marketing, branding, and management for artists and small businesses. We've had lots of success with past clients who have been overwhelmed by the fact that they have to do everything on their own as independent artists. We offer musicians an opportunity to release the reins and relax, knowing that their career is in good hands so they can focus on their art. We are booking agent friendly and understand the delicate balance between managers and booking. As COVID19 continues to cripple the music industry, we have strived to harness more creative means for artists to share their music.  The same work we do in the music industry is also very applicable to the work we do with small businesses. As entrepreneurs and creatives find themselves in the same boat as many musicians - overwhelmed, physically, and emotionally drained - we provide a new creative eye to help build brands, re-invent business' image, and grow an online presence. No one can do it all - we know that and are here to help. We are passionate about working with female-owned small businesses, womxn artists, the BIPOC community, LGBTQ+, and all with a desire to be bigger and better. 

Kelsey Geiger Agent
Priscilla Priebe Business Owner
Stickerbook Collective

Priscilla Priebe

Kelsey Geiger