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Female Business Owners in Minneapolis


     Stickerbook is a women-owned creative services company specializing in marketing, branding, and management for artists and creative entrepreneurs.

Our biggest successes come in the form of clients who have been overwhelmed by the fact that they have to do everything on their own as independent artists or business owner. We offer musicians an opportunity to release the reins and relax, knowing that their career is in good hands so they can focus on their art. We are booking agent-friendly and understand the delicate balance between managers and booking.

The same work we do in the music industry is also very applicable to the work we do with creative entrepreneurs. As small business owners and creatives find themselves in the same boat as many musicians - overwhelmed, physically, and emotionally drained - we provide a new creative eye to help build brands, re-invent business image, and grow an online presence.


No one can do it all - we know that and are here to help! We are passionate about working with female-owned small businesses, womxn artists, the BIPOC community, LGBTQ+, and all with a desire to be bigger and better. 


Female Music Agency

We are boldy loud and proud of our work done in male dominated fields and continue to pursue permanent change in those spaces.

We work with those who desire a better world and have made commitments to safer spaces, inclusion, sustainability and ethical practices. 

Priscilla Priebe

Priscilla is a collector of information, has too many hobbies, and can't leave a riddle unsolved. As an advocate for and a proud member of the neurodivergent community, they have developed an ability to find greatness in places otherwise overlooked.

Priscilla has spent the last two decades helping musicians and entrepreneurs make big dreams a reality through bold design, strategic marketing, and introspection.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, performer, and musician Priscilla is more than familiar with what it takes to develop a sustainable life in the creative arts. In their free time, they can be found playing with their three daughters, info-dumping, estate sales, or on stage with their partner. 

Priscilla Priebe

Priscilla Priebe has been a vibrant force in the music and marketing industries for almost two decades. She passionately nurtures the growth of small businesses, non-profit organizations, and artists, particularly within the queer community, while championing social justice causes. Priscilla thrives as a performer, visual artist, and strategic brand marketer. Her journey began with early performances and art exhibitions, evolving into a career spanning fine art, graphic design, and independent music promotion. Notably, she navigated the complexities of independent marketing and social media strategies during the emergence of social media. Her success led her to provide marketing services for diverse artists, businesses, and organizations. As the creative chair on Rock the Cause's board of directors, she drove content creation, event planning, and collaborations with renowned artists like The Flaming Lips and Sharon Van Etten. In 2011, she joined Green Room Music Source as Creative Director, expanding into artist management and contributing to the agency's growth into a thriving boutique representing over 50 artists. In 2013, Priscilla founded Mothers In the Music Industry (MIMI), advocating for working mothers in entertainment through speaking engagements and industry conferences. Her artwork has been showcased in prestigious publications and galleries across New York and Minneapolis. With over a thousand career performances at esteemed venues, Priscilla continues to captivate audiences at SXSW, Paste Music and Summerfest. As an advocate for the neurodivergent community, Priscilla brings a unique perspective to her work. A lifelong entrepreneur, performer, and musician, she embodies the essence of creativity and innovation. When not immersed in her professional endeavors, Priscilla enjoys spending time with her three daughters, exploring diverse interests, and sharing the stage with her partner. Priscilla's expertise as a Branding and Strategy Expert, graphic designer, marketer, and content creator, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, makes her a sought-after consultant for music professionals and entrepreneurs alike. She is also the visionary founder of Stickerbook Collective.


Kelsey Geiger


Kelsey has many loves in life - namely warm bread, Fire Emblem, and listening to Anderson .Paak too much. Kelsey has spent most of her career in managing creative minds by helping artists, influencers, and small businesses get organized, build and achieve their goals, and manage all aspects of the creative day to day. She can also be easily bribed with a block of sharp cheddar.

As a music industry professional, Kelsey's background lies in the realm of talent/brand management and development as well as creative event planning. In these disciplines, she has honed her marketing and branding skills, focusing on helping artists and businesses craft timelines for their goals while simultaneously helping them achieve those objectives. Some examples include her work with Placebo Records as a label manager, Green Room Music Source as an artist manager, and at IPR - College of Creative Arts as an instructor. To Kelsey, everyone and every brand is uniquely different, and her joy is being able to shape her skills to fit the goal.

Kelsey Geiger
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