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Social Media Check In - have you audited lately?

Top half has a photo of a graphic designed phone with social media icons surrounding it. The image is divided in two by a squiggly line and the text below reads "Social Media Check In - have you audited lately? It's time to reflect, refine, and reap the benefits of your time on social media.
Social Media Check In - have you audited lately?

Welcome to June - how are you feeling? Are you crushing your goals? Redefining your business strategy? Enjoying your time off when you have it? No matter how your first half of 2023 went, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on your social media (everyone’s favorite past time). Take a moment to look over our easy tips below to quickly and effectively audit your social media -

  1. Check & Update Your Links: One of the main goals of your social media is to connect your audience to your content. Whether it's a website, blog, pre-save link, etc. , your audience needs to find it. Because of this, it's wildly important to regularly review and update your links to ensure they are still relevant and functioning correctly. Here's what you can do: a) Review External Links: We’ll start by revisiting links you've shared on your social media profiles. Verify that they direct users to the intended destination, like your website's homepage, specific landing pages, or other relevant resources. Take note of any broken or outdated links that need immediate attention. You should be doing this for your Linktree, too! b) Update Contact Information: Don't forget to check and update your contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses. You don’t want all your hard work going to waste because someone can’t reach you! c) Test Your Links: After making any changes or updates, be sure test your links to make sure they are, in fact, working correctly. Click on each link from various devices and browsers to confirm that they load properly and take users to the correct page. This simple step can prevent frustrating user experiences caused by broken links.

  2. Review & Optimize Your Bio: We’re in the age of short, sweet and to the point, so make sure your bio reflects that! a) Update Your Profile & Cover Photo: Easy, but important! A profile photo that’s reflective of your brand and eye-catching photo can leave a lasting impression. Ensure that your images/logos are high-quality, represent your brand, and stay consistent across all social platforms. b) Refresh Your Bio Description: Your bio should be both concise and engaging. It also should reflect your brand's voice, so take a moment to refine that voice to best reflect your sound. Don’t be afraid to show your personality!

  3. Evaluate Your Content Strategy: Creating engaging content for your community is the crux social media success. Make sure you’re making content that your community cares about! a) Analyze Your Metrics: Use the built-in tools social media platforms provide to complete a deep dive on the performance of your posts. You should be looking for metrics such as reach, engagement, and click-through rates. Find out which types of content resonate most and adjust your strategy to fit your needs and the needs of your community. b) Plan New Content: Okay, now you’ve completed your deep dive - what’s next? Now it’s time to revise your content plan and develop content that aligns with your goals and community’s wants. Right now, video is the main content to consider, but don’t let that keep you from incorporating a variety of visuals. There is power and creativity in images, infographics, and sound bites.

  4. Engage with Your Audience: It’s social media, the point is to be social! But that said, it’s easy with everything else going on to forget that part. Set aside time to engage with your community, respond to comments, and lead conversations. New to this? Here’s a few ways to start being social: a) Reply to Comments: Respond to comments and messages, whether they are inquiries, feedback, or compliments. Make these comments an opportunity to say thanks, educate your community, or show appreciation for them being a part of the team. b) Be a Part of Relevant Conversations: Participate in conversations related to your industry or niche by liking, sharing, or commenting on relevant posts. The search/explore feature on Instagram and Tiktok is a great way to find influencers, peers, or customers. This helps you establish your expertise and expand your network.

Make this June your mid-year refresh and take this moment to slow down, refocus, and continue forward. The rest of 2023 is still ahead of you, so let’s f%^#$*& go!

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