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Priscilla Priebe and Kelsey Geiger of Green Room Music Source Announce the Launch of Stickerbook -

- A Creative Services and Management Company

Stickerbook Provides Individualized, Holistic, Visual and Career Strategy for Musicians, Creatives and Small Businesses


Partners Priebe and Geiger bring their diverse yet complimentary skill sets and years of experience working with artists and creatives to Stickerbook to offer holistic, visual and career strategies or a la carte creative, marketing and management services. Combining their different expertise and perspectives, they craft comprehensive, highly individualized strategies to help build brands, re-invent business' images, and grow online presence.

“We understand the load artists and small business owners carry to do it all, we have experienced it personally. They have worked so hard to perfect their craft but are too close to it to step back to see the bigger picture and their way forward. It is overwhelming and can be paralyzing. We can help them clarify their vision, make a personal and manageable plan to move them forward and help put it into action. We are here to shine a light on their uniqueness and lighten their load,“ Geiger explains.

Priebe utilizes her 15 years experience in artist branding and artwork design, a decades long career as a musician and her more recent work in artist management, to provide a new creative eye to an artist or business as a whole, ascertaining what makes them unique and creating a visual framework that is very personal, inclusive and cohesive.

Geiger brings her experience in artist and label management and interest in metrics and data to look at the micro and create a strategy for monetizing their art, setting artists up to thrive for the long-term.

“Our strength lies in our ability to look at each client comprehensively and create a plan that is specific to their art and authentic to who they are. Honing into what makes them unique and special and offering up a path forward with that and their art leading the way,” says Priebe.

Priscilla Priebe was most recently Creative Director and Artist Manager at Green Room and Kelsey Geiger was an Artist Manager at Green Room. Both are based in Minneapolis, MN.

The launch of Stickerbook coincides with Green Room Music Source owners, founder Craig Grossman and David Priebe, merging with Fleming Artists.

For more information on Stickerbook, please contact:


About Priscilla Priebe, Owner/Founder Stickerbook:

For 20 years Priscilla Priebe has been immersed in the music industry as a performer, visual artist, and strategic marketer. By the time she left high school she was already performing as a musician and showing her artwork. After four years studying fine art and graphic design at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN, she left on her first North American tour. Her band, Maudlin, covered thousands of miles promoting their first album, but when their Canadian label dissolved, she was left to market and design the album independently in the United States. She figured out how to harness social media before most musicians even knew what social media was. The experience soon led to her working on marketing for other artists, businesses, and organizations. As her work gained notoriety, she was asked to serve on the board of directors for Rock the Cause as their creative chair. She spearheaded content creation for events and releases on the organizations nonprofit label, major philanthropic event planning, merchandise design, and printwork – working with artists including The Flaming Lips, Sharon Van Etten, Donovan and Hamilton Leithauser. In 2011 Priscilla started working with Green Room Music Source as their Creative Director. There she continued her work in design and marketing while expanding into management and artist development. Her work with artists and branding of GRMS helped expand the small agency into a booming boutique with over 50 artists. After becoming a mother in 2013, she founded Mothers In the Music Industry (MIMI) and began speaking and advocating for working mothers in entertainment at colleges and industry conferences. Priscilla’s artwork has been shown in publications such as Rolling Stone and Pitchfork, and on display in galleries in New York and Minneapolis. She continues to perform and tour, having played over one thousand career shows on stages such as SXSW, Summerfest, CMJ and First Avenue’s Main Room.

About Kelsey Geiger, Co-founder Stickerbook:

As a music industry professional, Kelsey's background lies in the realm of talent/brand management and development as well as creative event planning. In these disciplines, she has honed her marketing and branding skills, focusing on helping artists and businesses craft timelines for their goals while simultaneously helping them achieve those objectives. Some examples include her work with Placebo Records as a label manager, Green Room Music Source as an artist manager, and at IPR - College of Creative Arts as an instructor. To Kelsey, everyone and every brand is uniquely different, and her joy is being able to shape her skills to fit the goal.

About Stickerbook:

Stickerbook is a creative services company that specializes in marketing, branding, and management for artists and small businesses.

We've had lots of success with past clients who have been overwhelmed by the fact that they have to do everything on their own as independent artists. We offer an opportunity for musicians to release the reins and relax knowing that their career is in good hands so they can focus on their art. We are booking agent friendly and understand the delicate balance between managers and booking. As COVID19 continues to cripple the music industry we have strived to harness more creative means for artists to share their music.

The same work we do in the music industry is also very applicable to the work we do with small businesses. As entrepreneurs and creatives find themselves in the same boat as many musicians - overwhelmed, physically, and emotionally drained - we provide a new creative eye to help build brands, re-invent business' image, and grow online presence. No one can do it all - we know that and are here to help. We are passionate about working with small businesses, femme artists/businesses, the BIPOC community, LGBTQ+, and all with a desire to be bigger and better.

Services offered:


Artist Management

Web Design & SEO

Content Creation

Social Media Management

Career Strategy

Album Releases

Artist Photography

Album Design

Product Design & Product Photography

Event Planning

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